Diet for pancreatitis of the pancreas

Inflammation of the pancreas is a disease characterized by inflammation of the pancreas. In this disease, the enzymes in the pancreas damage the tissue of the pancreas itself. acute pancreatitis is urgent and chronic pancreatitis requires regular maintenance treatment. The leading link in the list of such measures is the therapeutic diet. Its main goal is to prevent the overproduction of pancreatic enzymes by reducing the mechanical and chemical effects on the digestive system.

steamed fish with vegetables for pancreatitis

General dietary rules

The success of a therapeutic diet depends not only on choosing the right diet, but also on following simple rules:

  • avoid overeating. In a therapeutic diet, it is important to eat until satiety, while not allowing the stomach to overflow;
  • partial meals (5-6 times a day). It is important to eat a steady diet and follow a clear schedule. Under no circumstances should you starve all day and eat large portions at once. The diet should be divided into small parts so that the body absorbs food better and the patient feels good throughout the day.
  • excluding foods that are too cold or too hot. Cooked food should be slightly warmer than room temperature;
  • to cook in certain ways. In case of pancreatitis, solid foods and fried foods are excluded. It is better to prefer grated or well-cooked foods as well as liquid and jelly-like foods. In addition, cooked, fried or steamed foods should be eaten instead of fried foods.

What to recommend

Prohibited foods in pancreatitis include those that are difficult and long to digest and severely irritate the digestive system and, accordingly, the pancreas:

  • rich meat, fish and mushroom soups and soups;
  • smoked sausages and smoked products in general;
  • canned and pickled;
  • fresh pastries and bread;
  • spinach, sorrel, garlic, radish, radish;
  • raw vegetables;
  • vinegar, mustard, pepper;
  • hot and spicy sauces and condiments;
  • alcohol, strong tea and coffee.

Such a list is generalized and expandable due to the characteristics of the body, the course of the disease, the form of inflammation of the pancreas (in acute or chronic remission), and the age and nutritional status of the patient.

What is recommended to eat

Despite the many prohibitions in the therapeutic diet for pancreatitis, the diets of the permitted foods are very varied:

  • low-fat meat and poultry, while cleansing the skin and removing tendons before use. It is recommended to make quenelle, slices and mashed potatoes, occasionally small chunks of low-fat poultry are allowed;
  • lean fish. Cooked, steamed, in the form of slices and souffles;
  • dried bread made from premium flour, biscuits without bread;
  • vegetarian broths and soups with mashed vegetables, mashed vegetable soups, soups with boiled cereals (semolina, rice, Hercules) or chopped vegetables (potatoes, pumpkins, carrots);
  • non-acidic, low-fat cottage cheese and cottage cheese foods (souffles, puddings, steam cheesecakes, etc. ), milk - only as part of prepared meals, low-fat sour milk drinks;
  • steam or fried protein omelette, consumption of yolk is allowed - up to 1 pc. in a day;
  • cereals with milk and water, certain cereals (semolina, buckwheat, oatmeal and oatmeal), cooked vermicelli is allowed;
  • only prepared vegetables (steamed, cooked or fried): potatoes, cauliflower, beets and carrots;
  • ripe fruit in fried, cooked form and in jelly, mousse and jelly;
  • weak tea with lemon, juices from sweet fruits and berries, rosehip decoction.